10 Easy, Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Will Transform Your Mornings! 

Nandan Roy

Overnight oats with berries and nuts:  


This easy breakfast can be made in advance and is a delicious  and healthy way to start your day.  

Egg muffins with veggies: 


These portable egg muffins are a great option for a quick and healthy  breakfast on the go.

Avocado toast with eggs:  


This classic breakfast is both tasty and healthy. Simply mash some avocado  onto a slice of toast and top with a fried or poached egg. Add some spices or herbs for extra flavor 

Greek yogurt with fruit and granola: 


Greek yogurt is a great source of protein and can be a delicious  and healthy breakfast option.

Omelette with vegetables: 


Omelettes are a great way to get in some protein and vegetables at  breakfast time. 

Smoothie bowl with protein powder: 


Smoothie bowls are a quick and easy way to get in some  nutrients in the morning.

Breakfast burrito with black beans and avocado: 


Breakfast burrito with black beans and avocado:

Whole grain waffles with fruit and yogurt: 


Waffles don't have to be unhealthy - opt for a whole grain  variety and top with some fruit and yogurt for a balanced breakfast.

Breakfast sandwich with spinach and tomato: 


This classic breakfast sandwich is a delicious and  healthy way to start your day.

Oatmeal with fruit and nuts: 


Oatmeal is a classic and healthy breakfast option. Simply cook up some  oats and top with your favorite fruit and a sprinkle of nuts for a tasty and satisfying meal

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